About Us

Hey guys, Patrick here!

Before I was a Christian, I believed in "god", my own version, he was as I wanted him to be, the creation of my own mind, very similar to a mute idol one would create with his own hands. That's what the New Age is all about, an ego-driven, self-pleasing, fantasy-based, DIY "spirituality". Really, it's mostly witchcraft with glitter lipstick on it! 

Now, to make a long testimony short, my Christian mother kept talking to me about Jesus and the Bible, and one time, she shocked me saying that God didn't even know me! I was quite offended because I was praying to "him" every day! It really troubled and confused me, and one night, I cried out to God, to the one true God that created the universe, whoever He was, and said, "If Jesus is real, and the truth, show it to me and I will believe and follow Him!".

Well, God heard me and He started to give me many signs confirming that Jesus was indeed real. I'll give you one exemple. Once, I was driving and thinking about Jesus, pondering if He was the truth, I was in my own bubble and as I lifted up my eyes to concentrate on the road, I saw that the car right in front of me had a Jesus fish with the name "Jesus" written in it! Now, understand, where I live this is something very rare, like seeing a pink Corvette! Signs like this just kept coming, and each time opening my mind and heart more and more to the Truth. Over the course of a year, and I'm skipping a lot of details here, I became a follower of Jesus Christ, born-again, with a zeal to serve Him.

God used the zeal of someone promoting the name of Jesus on his car to speak to me. The Lord of the harvest is looking for fellow workers, those who will say, "use me today Lord to speak to someone!". He is looking for those who are bold for Christ, who will walk by faith believing and expecting that God will use them this day to speak to the heart of someone, be it an unbeliever for salvation or a believer for encouragement. God often speaks through signs or "coincidences", and He will use those who are willing to wear/lift up His name in public to achieve that! It may even lead to a conversation and the opportunity to witness and testify! Praise God!